An infallible, lucrative and cost-effective Investment Plan

......Venture into the world of snail rearing and start your own snail farming business!

Although the majority of industries and sectors have suffered from the world crisis, a variety of business sectors are still thriving, offering individuals the opportunity to invest in a variety of business ventures.

Snail rearing is one of those few industries that remain successful, regardless of the financial crisis. Touchstone Snail, an experienced and knowledgeable company in the field of snail farming, offers its vast knowledge and services to those looking to invest in the snail farming industry.

The qualified and experienced staff of Touchstone Snail offers their consultation and support to partner snail farmers in order to make certain their associates’ modern snail farm units operate efficiently and productively. 

Touchstone Snail Technologies Limited, by applying a strategy aimed to achieve the maximum customer service and satisfaction, applies from 2017 a Management System as per:

EN ISO 9001:2015. Consulting Services for the Construction and the Management of Snail Breeding Units and the Trading of Snails. (Certificate Registration No.: 0217386063090) &

EN ISO 22000:2005. Snail Farming, Processing, Packaging and Distribution. (Certificate Registration No.: 021775063090).

These certifications were conducted in accordance with the international body TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

Go a step further and transform a Snail Farm into a thriving and profitable business by using contemporary and professional snail rearing methods.

  • Turn a snail farm into a lucrative business
  • Modern farming methods
  • Professional guide

A Comprehensive & All-inclusive Business Proposal

Touchstone Snails supports and assists potential snail farmers every step of the way, by offering its expert consulting services and knowledge in the field of snail rearing.

Touchstone Snails assists potential snail-farmers by:

  • Assisting snail farmers with the construction and installation of their snail farming facilities and units;
  • ​Turning existing greenhouses into efficient and cost effective snail farming facilities;
  • Providing new snail farmers with expert consultation on how to manage and run their snail farming unit;
  • Making certain that all the snail production is sold;

Touchstone Snails also offers specialized consulting services regarding the following:

  • Feasibility/Business Studies
  • Curtain Method
  • Breeder snails
  • Special Snail Breeding Chambers
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Electrical Fence
  • Plants and Vegetation
  • Materials Required
  • Corridors
  • Harvesting
  • A Guide regarding Assembly
  • A Guide regarding Pesticide Spraying
  • Snail Trading
  • The Processing of Snails
  • Enemies of Snails
  • Snails’ Weight Progress
  • Snail Mortality Assessment/Evaluation
  • Total Production in 120 Days
  • Internet based Software regarding the Management of Snail Farming Units on a daily basis
  • On-line Software concerning the daily management of the snail farming facility

What they say about us

For over two years I was unemployed constantly looking for an opportunity to go into business or find a job. Each door I knocked turned me down. Fortunately my kids helped me out, and together with Touchstone Snails, I set up my own snail farm. This really saved my life! I now run a successful and profitable business!


In the beginning, my brother and I set up a snail farm, following the advice of professed experts. After two years of producing zero snail production, Touchstone Snails offered their assistance and under their expert guidance, we managed to improve our snail rearing units as well as our farming methods. We now are owners of a successful and profitable snail farm.


I am Katerina and I come from the Greek island of Corfu. Back in 2010, I was let go from work, and despite my continuous efforts to find a decent job I was turned down constantly. I was sure I was not about to work like a slave, without having any future prospects, stable income and health insurance. It was at that point that I started reviewing what options I had, and I came across snail rearing! I came across Touchstone Snails accidently, which presented me with a life changing business opportunity. Even though I was thrilled of the prospect of venturing into the snail business, I tried to remain level-headed and put my logic to work, so I consulted other farmers who had cooperated with Touchstone Snails in the past. Whomever I talked to had nothing negative to say, so I finally decided to proceed and launch my snail farm. I am now a proud owner of a successful and profitable snail farm business. Touchstone Snail provided me with expert consultation every step of the way. My life and the way I view the world has changed completely. I am now a positive, hopeful and outgoing person!


Are you tempted in setting up your own successful snail farming business?

Touchstone Snails always provide expert consultation services to all future snail farmers, ensuring any decision they make are based on their individual needs. Touchstone Snails offers an agreement in writing so as to ensure a long-term collaboration with potential snail farmers.

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